Professional Wiki is a Berlin-based company that provides wiki hosting and MediaWiki services.

ProWiki is a collaborative knowledge base. Record, enhance, visualize and share data with colleagues. Use simple wiki pages, or add forms and dynamic visualizations. Scripting and APIs allow the technically minded to extend the wiki as they please. ProWiki is ideal both for internal knowledge management and publishing data to the outside world. Enjoy low and predictable costs. Plans include unlimited users, so your costs will not balloon as adoption grows. Avoid burning your IT team with a whole new stack. Our state-of-the-art cloud hosting solution is fully managed. ProWiki is based on the time-tested MediaWiki software, which powers Wikipedia. Avoid vendor lock-in by using Open Source software. ProWiki turns MediaWiki into a business-orientated solution by adding key features and drastically improving the user experience. Hosted in the cloud, and available immediately.

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