Wikibase Hosting Options Compared

About The Authors

We are Wikibase experts with unmatched commercial Wikibase experience and Wikibase development expertise. Two of the hosting options are provided by us, so we have a stake in how these are presented. That said, we attempted to create a fair and useful comparison, similar to what we did in our comparison between Wikibase and Semantic MediaWiki.

Option 1: ProWiki


  • Instant setup
  • SLA
  • Optimized MediaWiki experience
  • No Query service or QuickStatements
Wikibase configuration via the ProWiki admin panel


ProWiki is gives you a well-rounded wiki with Wikibase but is not for those that need the Query Service.

Option 2: Wikibase.Cloud


  • Free
  • Query service and QuickStatements
  • No SLA
  • Very limited customizability


Wikibase.Cloud is great for those without a budget and those who wish to try out the Query Service.

Option 3: Wikibase Hosting by Professional Wiki


  • Query service, QuickStatements and more
  • Most customizable and can be on-prem
  • SLA
  • Most expensive


Our Wikibase hosting is for Organizations that need on-prem Wikibase or high customizability.

Comparison Table

Quickly see the differences between the Wikibase hosting options via the comparison table.



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