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4 min readOct 21, 2022


Wikibase is a great tool for publishing and connecting data. However, Wikibase installation is not simple. Maintenance and upgrades can be even more tricky. There are 3 Wikibase hosting options that allow you to get started quickly, and without sinking effort into all the technical setup tasks.

About The Authors

We are Wikibase experts with unmatched commercial Wikibase experience and Wikibase development expertise. Two of the hosting options are provided by us, so we have a stake in how these are presented. That said, we attempted to create a fair and useful comparison, similar to what we did in our comparison between Wikibase and Semantic MediaWiki.

You can find more of our Wikibase writings on our Wikibase blog.

Option 1: ProWiki


  • Instant setup
  • SLA
  • Optimized MediaWiki experience
  • No Query service or QuickStatements

ProWiki is the most modern MediaWiki hosting service on the market. Create your wiki instantly. No waiting, no talking to someone first. Activate any of dozens of MediaWiki extensions with a click or configure your Wikibase via the admin panel.

Wikibase configuration via the ProWiki admin panel

Because ProWiki is first and foremost a MediaWiki hosting platform, it does not provide the most comprehensive Wikibase experience. Most notably, it does not currently come with the Wikibase Query Service. It also does not come with popular Wikibase tools such as QuickStatements and OpenRefine. For some use cases this will be a deal-breaker. For other use cases the best-in-class MediaWiki tooling makes ProWiki the perfect fit.

Our Wikibase extensions such as Automated Values and Wikibase Local Media are all included with ProWiki. You get quick access to new functionality via frequent software updates and additions of new extensions.

ProWiki comes with a support and uptime SLA and is a paid service. Pricing starts at 119 EUR a month for organizations and 33 EUR a month for individuals. You can try out ProWiki via the free trial.


ProWiki is gives you a well-rounded wiki with Wikibase but is not for those that need the Query Service.

Option 2: Wikibase.Cloud


  • Free
  • Query service and QuickStatements
  • No SLA
  • Very limited customizability

Wikibase.Cloud is a project run by the non-profit Wikimedia Deutschland. Its biggest selling point is that it is free. The hosting and people costs are paid for by people who donate to Wikipedia.

Wikibase.Cloud is developed by a capable team and comes with both the Query Service and QuickStatements. It also comes with some of our Wikibase extensions, though new extensions do not get added quickly, and existing ones might be out of date. You can configure some Wikibase settings via the web UI.

One downside of Wikibase.Cloud is that it does not come with an SLA. It is also not clear what will happen if internal Wikimedia politics changes, or if there is some outrage about donor money being spent on a hosting service. Wikimedia has a track record of discontinuing projects and classifying “third-party concerns” as not important. These risks and the lack of an SLA are not a big deal for disposable wikis, such as when trying out Wikibase.

Another downside is the very limited customizability of Wikibase.Cloud. It comes without many of the most popular MediaWiki extensions, and you cannot use any Wikibase tools beyond those that are already included. This makes it unsuitable for your typical serious Wikibase instance, a sentiment we have heard voiced by Wikimedia Deutschland itself several times. Luckily there are good Wikibase Cloud alternatives.


Wikibase.Cloud is great for those without a budget and those who wish to try out the Query Service.

Option 3: Wikibase Hosting by Professional Wiki


  • Query service, QuickStatements and more
  • Most customizable and can be on-prem
  • SLA
  • Most expensive

We provide dedicated and tailored Wikibase hosting on request.

This includes the core Wikibase software, the Wikibase Query Service, tools such as QuickStatements and OpenRefine, Wikibase extensions, MediaWiki extensions and more. You want it, we include it. Don’t know what tools you need? Not to worry, we will analyze your use case and make a recommendation, including a short summary of how we got there.

Out of all Wikibase hosting options, this one is the most customizable. It is the only option for organizations that need an on-premises Wikibase, custom integrations with other systems, or wish to use specialized Wikibase tools.

Our tailored Wikibase hosting comes with uptime and support guarantees in the form of a SLA. We can bundle your Wikibase hosting together with other Wikibase services. For instance, we can help you import data into your Wikibase, or develop new Wikibase features for you.

Naturally, all of this comes with a price tag attached. If your budget is very constrained then this option might not be suitable for you, as it is the most expensive.

Learn more about our dedicated Wikibase Hosting


Our Wikibase hosting is for Organizations that need on-prem Wikibase or high customizability.

Comparison Table

Quickly see the differences between the Wikibase hosting options via the comparison table.